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Don’t be SCARED to try something new!


Onsite Drug Testing

​October brings beautifuFall colors, all things pumpkin and of course Halloween! A good SCARE creates a rush of adrenaline and that can give us the boost we need to try new things. You know what I mean… that time you were the victim of “forced family fun” and found yourself at that haunted house or corn maze that you really weren’t interested in? You succumbed to the pressure but later you were so glad you did because the kids can’t stop talking about how FUN it was, or because you forgot how good it felt to try new things.

Our clients get the same reaction when they try our ONSITE drug testing services for the first time. The employees can’t stop talking about how EASY it was. They rave about how CONVENIENT it was to just walk to the restroom and be gone from the job for 5 minutes instead of an hour or two. Management can’t stop talking about the bottom line SAVINGS they see, and how NO LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY is an added perk!

The great thing about our ONSITE collections service is that we partner with your current provider, so you don’t have to make a big change to your program to benefit from our services. We just simply replace the step of going to the clinic for the collection. Of course, we offer management services if you need it but often companies are very happy with how things are going with their provider MINUS the disruption to their day, the added cost of paying someone to sit at a clinic, and the increased opportunity to cheat the drug test. Now those things are truly frightening, and we can help you “whiz” right past them!

So, don’t be SCARED to try something new or different! Give us a call. We will provide the adrenaline boost your program needs with a 30% discount

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