Pre-Employment Testing

Your employees and your safety/HR team will appreciate the efficiency of your onboarding process when you include the drug test onsite.  Often when a company brings on many workers at once, the process can be cumbersome.  We have a lot of experience with onboarding procedures that include paperwork and safety orientations, etc. so we have no problem jumping in to help where needed. Think of us as an extension of your safety or HR team. The amount of positive feedback we have received over the years from new employees is invaluable.  This organized process leaves a lasting impression upon them, and they look forward to working hard for their new employer.

What if your company only hires 1-5 people at a time? Our onsite services can still be beneficial to you; however, it does warrant a conversation to evaluate.  If we determine that it’s not cost-effective, we have partnered with many clinics that can serve your needs or you can continue to utilize the clinic you currently use.  The bottom line is that we are here to HELP you, whether you use our services or not.

Random Testing

At 2-5 minutes per person, you no longer must worry about long wait times at a clinic, lost productivity, or if the integrity of the test is compromised.  Your employees will thank you for making the process fast and easy.  You will protect your company from the dishonest workers that take advantage of the field trip to the clinic or are looking to cheat the test.  By having our collector(s) on site your random drug tests are truly random!

24/7 Emergency Testing (post accident/reasonable suspicion)

We will respond to your post-accident or reasonable suspicion cases most often within an hour depending on your location. We can help navigate the uncomfortable reasonable suspicion test and close the loop on post accidents.  For those supervisors and foremen that rarely experience these situations, our experienced collectors are there to help in any way.  Most hospitals no longer perform post-accident drug tests and they are used to seeing our collectors in their Emergency Departments.    

Site Wide Testing

When there is a need to test everyone onsite, our organized and efficient team localizes to get the job done.  Our management team has experience pulling together large site-wide tests with very little notice.  We have successfully performed site-wide testing for over 1100 people in one morning.  Just present the challenge and we will accept!