Managers and Supervisors need adequate training to know when and how to confront an employee about a potential problem.  Our engaging Reasonable Suspicion training for Supervisors meets the DOT requirements and will arm them with the tools necessary to recognize impairment, legally document, and avoid the potential legal complexities related to employee privacy. We can help your management teams and safety administrators understand both federal and client specific drug and alcohol mandates and regulations.

Why LIVE Training?

Supervisors are more apt to retain information learned when active participation and group discussion is encouraged. Being ENGAGED is the key! We combine an interesting and informative PowerPoint presentation with questions and group discussion, and then we introduce activities utilizing our drunk goggles. Class participants LOVE the activities because it brings an element of fun that they were not expecting.

Empower Supervisors
Notice Impairment
Gain Knowledge
Ask Questions
Group Activities
Enhance Safety