Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of workplace substance abuse prevention and detection programs.  We can help you increase workplace safety & security and reduce substance use/abuse.  Our dedicated staff is devoted to clients subject to federal regulation (DOT) and those that are not regulated but desire a Drug-Free Workplace.  We are a woman-owned company, WBE certified in the State of Oregon, and we stand behind our strong commitment to personalized and customized service. 



​Record Keeping & Compliance Reporting

    • We maintain detailed records of every test for the required number of years designated by law and/or per client request

    • Results are reported directly to the client via email or fax

    • Client access to results in TestVault with password

    • Compliance reports, audit requests and required documentation submitted upon request

  • Administer random testing under the provisions of company-specific guidelines or DOT rules for those testing under DOT rules and regulations

    • Identify employees chosen via computerized random selection

    • Schedule collections & laboratory testing 

    • Report results in a timely manner

  • Previous employer drug and alcohol history background checks

    • Experienced with the DOT laws governing individual history checks 

    • Confidential contact made to check for drug & alcohol test violations

    • Request any substance abuse professional assessments

  • Maintain Follow-Up schedules and notifications for those employees being monitored under a program outlined by a substance abuse professional (SAP)

  • Policy Development