Onsite Drug Testing

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Oregon Onsite Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol screening has become a necessary tool for companies to maintain the integrity of their business, so implementing that program in an efficient and cost effective way is something we understand. Sending employees out of the office or off the construction site can be costly, and it presents an opportunity for a possible "cheat". At Oregon Onsite Drug Testing (OODT) we can save you time and money by coming directly to your place of business, and it's great for streamlining the hiring process especially on construction sites. We specialize in large quantities and have accommodated a random sweep of over 1120 people in one morning. All of our collectors are DOT trained and qualified and OODT only uses SAMSHA approved laboratories.

Experienced In The Following

Pipeline School
Construction Oral Fluid
Manufacturing Government (DOT Certified collectors with TWIC)
Small Business       Corporate
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Urine Testing

oral drug testing

Oral Fluid Testing

At approximately 2-4 minutes per test, we reduce both the time and cost of Urine drug testing, allowing you to increase the productivity of your employees, reduce liability and maximize profits. Keeping collections onsite at your location preserves the integrity of the test and allows for scheduling flexibility. Our ability to collect on site nationally delivers a convenient, consistent and professional collection experience. We are comfortable working under a variety of conditions including outdoors, rain, shine, construction trailers and portable toilets. Ensuring a drug-free, safe environment at your workplace, school, or home increases the safety and quality of work and life for everyone.

Oral Fluid Testing is an innovative testing method that is quicker, more reliable, and less intrusive than urine testing methods. Testing 15-20 employees can take approximately an hour with urine drug testing methods, while that same number can be done in 15 -20 minutes using Oral Fluid. Cheating techniques that are common with urine testing are eliminated with Oral Fluid as the collections are easily observed and dilution tactics and adulteration products are ineffective. Increase your company's efficiency and safety by inquiring about OODT Oral Fluid Drug Testing program.

Drug Testing Services Offered

Types of Testing: Reason for Testing:
Urine Tests (Traditional & Instant)   DOT
Breath Alcohol NON-DOT
Oral Fluid Pre-Employment
Hair Random
DNA Return to Duty & Follow Up
  Reasonable Suspicion

For more information on how Oregon Onsite Drug Testing can benefit your company, contact us at 503-997-6773 or email info@onsite-drug-testing.com.

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