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DNA Testing

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Oregon Onsite Drug Testing offers a wide range of DNA paternity and family relationship, including prenatal testing options and forensic DNA testing services. DNA tests are performed using the best equipment and the most stringent procedures to ensure accurate and fast results. Results of DNA tests are often used to make life changing decisions, so rest assured that our sample handling procedures hold up against rigorous legal examination.

Your DNA test can provide vital and many times life changing information. With OODT DNA testing service you will receive personalized DNA testing focused on answering paternity, family, or relationship questions. After the DNA test is taken and analyzed by a certified lab, you will receive clear and understandable results to provide the information you need. Whether you are taking this test for personal purposes or persuasive evidence to present in court, OODT will provide you with convenient, accurate, and understandable results to your DNA testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are in home tests admissible in court?

In home DNA test results are not admissible in court. In order for DNA testing results to be admissible in court the sample needs to be tested and analyzed by rigorous standards that are accepted by courts and other government agencies.

Do samples need to be collected together?

DNA samples can be collected in different occasions. However, all sample should be collected and gathered before sending them to a lab for analyzing.

How are results received?

Your DNA testing results can be delivered via email, fax, or first class mail. For more options on receiving your DNA testing results please contact our offices.

For more information on how Oregon Onsite Drug Testing can benefit your company, contact us at 503-997-6773 or email Info@onsite-drug-testing.com.

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