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Certified as a WBE in the State of Oregon and California, this woman owned business can be considered a one stop shop for your drug testing needs. Since 2003 OODT has been providing urine collection services to pipeline companies all around the country. After being commended for our excellent customer service and knowledge we were approached by one of our top clients to manage their drug testing program. Determined to give them the excellence in which they demand, we forged ahead and went to work on it. Due to their confidence in us we are successfully operating as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of drug testing programs. We strongly believe that being successful in our business requires building and maintaining relationships based on trust. You will never be a "transaction" with OODT; you will always be a relationship we value.

Tracie Butterfield
Owner, Oregon Onsite Drug Testing

I started this company as a stay-at-home mom in 2003 wanting to contribute to my family financially but still have the flexibility to be there for my children. I chose a family over the college degree so it was especially important to me as my kids got older to educate and empower myself. I love owning a business that reflects my values. I believe strongly in a drug free workplace and have enjoyed contributing to the safety program for each of my sites. My children are grown and now my focus has shifted. I am excited about my business and really love people!

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